Samsung Conquer 4G Accessories

The new Samsung Conquer 4G has seen the light of day and has been leaked all over the place, but were all still waiting on its release. This new 4G device is rumored to be priced anywhere between 50 to 100 bucks and offer up that super fast 4G speed with some pretty solid specs to help the hardware keep up. Initial rumors were expecting this new Wi-max device to launch in July; it seems that this rumor was off by a bit. So what can you get from a 4G mid range device in the spec department? Well a lot actually. Of course you’re getting Sprints epic 4G Wi-max speeds embedded into a 3.5 inch HGVA touch screen. Underneath it’s pretty exterior lies a single core 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor and is slated to come stock with Android version 2.2. Sounds good to me!

While the date of its release is still unknown it seems that many accessory options for the device have been rolling into our inventory. We are getting inundated with different Conquer 4G cases and have had the chance to take a look at a few. Like this blue Conquer 4G Candy Skin case. These candy skins are the perfect combination for those torn between a harder plastic protector case and the appeal of a silicone skin. Made of a tuff and ultra durable TPU material you can flex these candy skin case in the same manner you would a silicone skin, but you can also feel the rigidity of a harder more stiff material. Check out this candy skin case for your Conquer 4G in many different colors, or simply take a look at all our protective options right here in our Conquer 4G accessories department.

When you pick up a new device usually the first accessory that is needed is a car and or spare charger. I usually shoot for the car charger as my first line of staying powered defense. Picking up a dual usb Conquer 4G car charger is worth its weight in gold. This is the Sprint Conquer 4G dual Micro USB car charger that I swear by. This car charger is perfect. It sports a simple collided cable that is about 2 feet and can reach up over 5 feet when fully extended. The best part about this Conquer 4G car charger is its additional USB output. If you look at the car charging unit you can see a standard USB connection. You can use this connection to charge additional devices. All you will need is the charging data cable for the alternate device. We also carry the standard Samsung micro USB car charger if that’s more your thing.

If your picking up your new Conquer 4G when it releases, it’s a given you won’t be thinking about its battery too often. However like many Android users experience battery life is a management process. If you end up in a position where you need to replace your battery you will know all too well what I mean. The best part about our Samsung Conquer 4G accessories selection is that we carry original OEM Samsung Conquer 4G batteries. This is THE battery to get when looking for a replacement or spare. If you keep a full charged spare Conquer 4G battery around you will never have to worry about a dying battery or not being able to get through a whole day without charging. Worth its weight in gold.

The Conquer 4G brings a new standard to the mobile world. Where mid range smart phones pack heaps of power and speed and can be had for very affordable prices. So when you pick up your new Conquer 4G remember our huge selection of Conquer 4G accessories that will continue to grow.


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