The Very Best Samsung Captivate Glide Accessories For all your Needs

The Samsung Galaxy S Captivate was one of the original Galaxy devices that has spawned what is going on three generations of handsets. While the slate styled Captivate was perfect for some, a full QWERTY keyboard option was needed to satisfy others. Enter the Samsung Captivate Glide. This amazing handset packs in all the greatness you would expect from the former slate styled Captivate but adds in a fully functional and highly impressive keyboard. But even with a slightly thicker build and amazing features, this smart phone is not indestructible nor will it sync or charge itself. That’s why we provide the very best in Samsung Captivate Glide accessories. Let’s check out some of the more important ones.

The first thing you’ll see every day when you pick up your Captivate Glide is its screen and that is not a bad thing, unless you don’t keep yours safe. The Captivate Glide’s touch screen measures in at 4 inches, sports a 480×800 pixel resolution and uses Samsungs very own, Super AMOLED technologies. Keeping your screen safe with this Samsung Captivate Glide Screen protector is worth its weight in gold. This screen protector will protect all of your touch screen and bezel while leaving cutouts for your ear piece and front facing camera. The protector is static cling, which means it will not leave behind and stick residues. Designed to withstand erosion, fingerprints, and scratches, this Captivate Glide Screen protector will keep your screen new day in and day out.

So your screen is now safe against the elements, but that is only half the battle when it comes to protection. Keeping your Captivate Glide in perfect order is as simple as a Samsung Captivate Glide Rubberized Protector Case! This excellent case is offered in many color combinations’ and encases your phone to protect it against shock, scratches, scrapes and bruises. The rubberized version of these cases sports a rubber type material on its outer layer that will provide an excellent matte aesthetic as well as more feel and ultimately grip when handling your Captivate Glide. With these and our many other case options for your Glide, you have no reason to let your smart phone become damaged!

Protection is now covered, your screen and body of your Captivate Glide is safe. But damaged or not your Captivate Glide needs power and we have all you need! Take this perfect Samsung Captivate Glide USB Travel Adapter with micro USB cable for example. This perfect charger is small and ultra compact for easy stowing and traveling. The charger has one USB output that can be used to charge as well as an included micro USB cable that can be used with the charging adapter or other external power sources including other USB chargers and or your computer. The cable can also double as a syncing cable so you can be sure that your Glide is always up to date. Need power while on the road? We got it covered. This excellent Samsung Captivate Glide USB Car Charger and 5 foot micro USB data cable can easily take care of any on road charging needs you face. Its extra long micro USB cable can also double as a sync cable.

OK, screen protection…check, phone protector…check, power wherever you may need it…check! With our ever growing selection of the finest in Samsung Captivate Glide accessories you can easily find what you need, when you need it at super affordable prices and more importantly, from a source you can trust. Check out our Captivate Glide accessories today and remember, we carry mobile accessories for nearly ever mobile device on planet earth!

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