A New Sprint Messenger The Samsung Array

Who says the dumb phone is dead? Not Samsung or any carrier in their right mind for that matter. This new morning brings us one step closer to another Sprint ready handset option. Its all about the options folks! While Samsung is busy pumping out Galaxy Tabs, and Galaxy S’s you’d think they would have no time for the lower end of the market. Well, if you do think such craziness, think again. The Samsung Montage was recently added to Virgin Mobile’s handset offerings and now it seems that its partner in crime Sprint will be getting its very own mosaic.

While the Montage is no super high end smart phone like what’s normally in the news, it’s good to know that manufacturers and carriers alike are still thinking of the little guy. Earlier this month the Samsung made Montage and Entro made their way to the Paylo plans over at Virgin Mobile. This morning brings us news that at least one of these entry level devices will be making its way to the Now Network. What reminds me of the Samsung Intensity, the Montage will make its way to Sprint under the Samsung Array name. While it may not run the likes of Android, or be able to beam the mother ship, the Array can keep you in touch here on earth. It’s simple bar style design shows off a front facing numerical keypad with navigation buttons galore, but slide that puppy open and you’ll get unprecedented access to a full four row QWERTY keyboard. This excellent looking keypad also sports an additional directional pad in the bottom right hand corner. The Array, as under powered as it is has a few perks. Firstly its processor will be able to handle pretty much anything you can throw its way. With a Qualcomm made single core QSC6155 chipset that clocks in at 480 MHz you should have no problem’s enjoying all the Array has to offer. With barely any internal memory, you can rest assured that the Array can handle additional microSDHC memory, up to 32 GB. Around back the Array packs in a 2 mega pixel camera with video record mode, night mode and even a Panorama mode. Also the Array can be found with a 2.4 inch screen that clocks a 240×320 pixel resolution. Add in Bluetooth, Email and a full WAP web browser and the best of the Array has been exposed. The Array should be a solid messaging phone for those heavy texters or anyone that wants to keep it simple.

So is anyone interested? The Array, under the Virigin Mobile banner runs for about $49.99, expect Sprint to either match or go lower. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the Samsung Array. And remember, the very best in Samsung accessories are at WirelessGround.Com.

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