Samsung Announces the Dual SIM Galaxy Trend 3



Samsung introduces the Galaxy Trend 3! Another day, another Samsung smart phone! It seems like every day the company is launching a new smart phone or tablet but today Samsung is actually announcing a new device! Recently the company has announced the likes of the Note 3, the Note 10.1 2014, a golden flip phone, a Galaxy Tab 3 Kids and so on and so on. Samsung’s production of smart phones and tablets has been similar to that of Willy and his chocolate factory! Today however we see the company announce yet one more smart phone that runs with dual SIM capabilities, let’s see what the Samsung Galaxy Trend 3 has to offer shall we?

Samsung is well known for launching dual SIM smart phones as the technology is very popular across the globe. The Samsung Galaxy Trend II was launched back in April of this year and it looks as if it is time for an update. The Galaxy Trend III is currently up for sale in China in white only and is offered up in four different variations for all major carriers within the country. There is an unlocked model version G3502U, the China Unicom version G3502, the China Mobile version G3508 and a version for China Telecom G3509. The odd thing about all of these variations is they do not seem to be any different from one and other, but just branding sometimes justifies a new model number! But what can one expect from the Samsung Galaxy Trend 3? A flagship, the Trend 3 is not. The new Trend comes running with the latest in Android version 4.2 aka Jelly Bean and gives its users access to the operating system via a 4.3 inch WVGA  800×480 touch screen. Internally the device is running with a dual core 1.2 GHz processor and offers up expandable micro SD memory options. The Trend 3 rocks a 3 mega pixel camera as well as connectivity like, Bluetooth, GPS, WLAN and USB 2.0. Additionally the dual SIM card functionality allows swapping from WCDMA to GSM networks in a breeze. The Trend 3 is initially available across China but will most likely make its way into additional markets including India and Korea.

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