Samsung Announces the Galaxy Ace Style!


The Samsung Galaxy Ace Style is official! With all the hype currently surrounding the latest crop of super high end flagship smart phones, you can rest assured manufacturers have not forgotten about the entry level to mid-range. As super sized, full HD touch screens, massive amounts of RAM and mobile processors strong enough to run a small country are basking in this new years lime light, companies like Samsung are gearing up for the long haul! The Samsung Galaxy Ace has been around since the early days of Samsung’s Galaxy endeavor and it looks as if its next iteration, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style is here!

Just yesterday the unexpected Samsung Galaxy Ace Style appeared in the wild at an event in Germany. While the device is a rather underwhelming handset Samsung wasted no time in making the device official. Hot on the heels of the handsets German showcase, Samsung up and made the Ace Style official this morning. So what can you expect from a leading contender in the mid-range sector? The Ace Style starts with a 4 inch WVGA touch screen that offers up a 480×800 resolution at 233 pixels per inch. The screen is built into a 10.6 mm thick housing that packs in all the excellence that gives the Style its go! Internally the Ace Style comes with a dual core 1.2 GHz processor with a dedicated GPU, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal storage and expandable micro SD memory options up to 64 GB. Additionally the Ace Style comes packing a 1500 mAh battery as well as connectivity such as GPS, A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 and NFC. The Galaxy Ace wraps all of its hardware up into an excellent package that runs Android version 4.4 and while pricing is not official the device is expected to cost somewhere between €200 and €300.

Anyone interested? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think of the new Samsung Galaxy Ace Style! Also remember all the very best in Samsung accessories are here.  

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