Samsung Set to Announce the Note III On September 4th?


Samsung’s Galaxy Note III ready for launch on September 4th? Samsung launched a huge 5.3 inch Galaxy Note way back in 2011 to much skepticism. The Note is a handheld device that blurs the lines between tablet and smart phone. The Note is large and comes with a stylus, aka an S-Pen, something that has all but been written off in this new brave world of amazingly sensitive touch screens. Since its inception the Note has gone through its second generation build and will soon be into its third. Anyone interested in the soon to be launched Samsung Galaxy Note III?

Rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note III began to surface shortly after the launch of the Note II. None of the details surrounding the oversized smart phone have been confirmed however. Back in March it was rumored that Samsung was giving At&t a sneak peek at the handset.  A few months later and leaky pictures of the suspected Note III were scattered across the interwebs. Amongst these leaky rumors details surrounding the handsets launch date have come and gone. Rumors have given it an announcement window at Samsung’s June 20th event in London, while other expected the device to launch July or August. New details however are giving credence to an earlier rumor that Samsung would announce the Note III in September in conjunction with IFA. Details obtained by AndroiGeeksd.Com claims Samsung will announce the Note III at an Unpacked event to be held on September 4th. This slated as a “pre-IFA 2013 event”. While the details of course cannot be verified, it is not uncommon that a major manufacturer attempts to steal a trade show’s thunder by conducting a press event days before the show’s opening. Previous rumors surrounding the handset stated Samsung would put the Note III into mass production starting in August. This time frame would be perfect for a September launch. Currently the Note III is expected to come with a 5.99 inch full HD Super AMOLED touch screen (rumors have noted an LCD variation will also be produced), pack in an Exynos 5 Octa 5410 processor a Mali 450 GPU, 3 GB of RAM and a 13 mega pixel camera.

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