Russia Steps into the mobile arena with a 4G Android of there own?

Imagine a Russian funded Android smart phone…now come back to reality and take a look at the video below. It is unsure what is to be made of this video that has been unearthed by however it seems that the Russian president is holding in his hands an odd looking device that is has dual screens.

The video shows Russian president Dmitry Medvedev with a new Android 4G device that shows to have two screens. Watching the video the device is handed to the President by Sergey Chemezov who is the head of government funded Russian Technologies Corperation. The department has been working on developing the 4G device that would reportedly run on Yota LTE networks which is a Russian based carrier. A report by, states that the device was developed by the Russian Technologies and is assumed to have a “powerful processor and a large memory capacity” and that their experts decided to be a little different and create a device with two displays. This report goes on to state that the device is to be manufactured in Taiwan (cough HTC) and will be available to the Russian market no earlier than May 2011. Whoa.

Some pretty definitive time frames in regard to the launch of the device can’t wait to see this develop. Hopefully they have developed some super batteries to go along with this devcie as two screens and a 4G cellular radio well….you know. But it leaves me wondering how does Steve Jobs feel about the Russian president turning his back on the iPhone?

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