The Rugged Kyocera Torque E6710 Passes Through the Halls of the FCC headed to the Now Network

We all love our smart phones. These amazing little devices sit in the palm of our hands and in the depths of our pockets and extend our wisdom and worldly connectivity to points that were only once dreamed of. As our innate instincts tell us more is better, our sense of design demands beauty. Unfortunately for most smart phones, this means damage! A few drops, a little dust and water and your beautiful new gadget are nearly worthless. Since the dawn of cell phones, ruggedized and tough versions of our beloved handsets have existed and set the bar as to what a real smart phone should encompass. Luckily for any smart phone shoppers out there, a new ultra durable smart phone will soon appear, and it goes by the Kyocera Torque.

Sometimes a trend will explode with popularity, other times it will fade into obscurity, but with a little bit of hope and a small dose of interest rugged designs could become a staple in our smart phone world, and this tune now comes to mind…”Some, say I’m a dreamer”.  Earlier this month Unwired View exposed a picture perfect rendering about a new Kyocera Android device headed to Sprint that sports a rugged design and nearly indestructible build.  Today’s headlines bring new details as to the whereabouts of the Kyocera Torque. Apparently the freshly minted Kyocera Torque has recently made its way through the halls of the FCC in preparation to become a permanent US resident. Passing through the FCC labeled as the Kyocera E6710 a few un-known details surrounding the handset rise to the top. According to the FCC logs we know that the Torque will indeed come full equipped with LTE, Bluetooth NFC and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity. Unfortunately additional details surrounding the handset are un-clear. With that said, a few more specs can be pulled from just the rendering. The new Kyocera Torque will most definitely come with an LED flash and camera option, as well as external charging contacts and of course, the most obvious a rugged build. Additional sources are assuming the display will most likely clock in at 800×480 in the pixel department and by the looks of it; the Torque is running with Android version 4.0. Japanese mobile blog, has also pointed out that the Torque will be running with a large capacity 3.7 volt lithium ion 2500 mAh battery. With that the juicy trail of leads dries up, but its safe to expect the new Kyocera Torque to appear on Sprint’s shelves in the very near future at more than likely a Kyocera price.

Any takers? Am I in dream land to hope aspects of ruggedized designs find themselves into the beauty of flagship smartphones of the day? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and remember the very best in Kyocera accessories are here!

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