A Magenta Clad Road Map Points to Galaxy Exhibits, Z10’s and LTE Equipped Galaxy S III’s

Carrier road maps are little pieces of leaky goodness that show the world what’s to come for any particular service provider. As more companies find the good in leaking their own devices road maps have sort of died off recently. Today an internal road map for T-Mobile has hit the rumor mill and shows us what their customers can expect to see as options in the near future. TMoNews.Com the dedicated unofficial T-Mobile blog has the spy shot that shows what to expect in terms of hardware from the carrier and it looks like some awesome new options are on the way.

Wednesday March 27th may prove to be a pretty busy day for the carrier. While the list shows us some awesome new known handsets on the way, it also shows us one or two that have only been rumors until this point. The road map also includes LTE capable phones, which is something T-Mobile customers have been wishing for. The leak includes a T-Mobile Sonic 2.0 Mobile HotSpot LTE which is of course just a small, mobile dongle that will offer its users 4G LTE data speeds wherever they are. In the phone department we are lead to believe that a prepaid variation of the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit T599 code named Codina should also release on the 27th in a gray coloring. Additionally a post paid version of the phone should also hit store shelves on the same day with the same coloring. The recently announced Blackberry Z10 will be ready for its magenta coating on the 27th as well. Last, but certainly not least a Samsung Galaxy S III LTE T999L is slated for the same date, but also is branded with an asterisk that could prove its launch on the 3rd of April. While T-Mobile currently offers a GSIII variation, it is not LTE capable, this new variation is set to change all that. To add just a bit more cherry to the top of this sundae, tmonews.com points out possible rumors of an iPhone launch to the carrier around the same time! If this all pans out to be true, and you find yourself looking for employment, T-Mobile may need a hand around this time.

Any Tmo customers out there looking for some LTE in their life? Two new Galaxy Exhibit’s, an LTE GSIII and a Blackberry Z10! Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of these new potential Tmo phones. Anyone interested? Also don’t forget that a huge selection of awesome T-Mobile accessories are here!

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