RIM Might Be Using QNX’s BlackBerry Tablet OS for its Smartphones Eventually

 Research In Motion (RIM) might just end up using the still in development BlackBerry Tablet OS for all of its smartphones in the future. The Wall Street Journal already hinted at the possibility from information it gathered from its sources last week, and now RIM’s senior vice president of the BlackBerry Platform—Alan Brenner—has hinted at the possibility as well. Honestly, using RIM’s recently acquired QNX Software Systems to rebuild the BlackBerry OS from the ground up isn’t a bad idea. QNX is building the Tablet OS right now and its CEO seems pretty excited about its future with RIM.

Right now RIM’s biggest hangup is its lack of content on its app store. Now that all of the parts of the BlackBerry App World 2.0 are starting to roll out (along with carrier billing, finally), App World  just might be entering its coming of age. It sure took long enough. Going to an easier to design for OS like QNX is promising its Tablet OS will be, is a big boon for App World.

With the development tools that will be available for the Tablet OS, and presumably all BlackBerrys if RIM switches its OS for them as well, developers will be able to easily port Android OS and even iOS apps to over to RIM’s products. HTML5, CSS, Adobe Flash, and JavaScript are all supported. And of course C++ if programmers really feel the need to pull that out. RIM seems pretty excited about that prospect, especially considering that Apple has more than 250,000 apps on its iTunes App Store compared to the 10k RIM currently has.

So there you have it folks, I would bet that if all works as well as RIM would like with its new tablet, every BlackBerry will eventually be running QNX’s system software. Now we just need a name for the combined OS. BlackBerry OS 7 anyone? OS 6, I don’t feel bad for you since you haven’t come to the Bold 9700 yet or the Curve 3G, etc.

Still going to be interested in the BlackBerry smartphone if RIM switches to a new OS? Let me know. I have a feeling it’s almost a done deal.

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