RIM and Ford Partnering up to Bring BlackBerry Integration to Ford SYNC

Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) and Ford are paring up to develop BlackBerry integration with Ford’s SYNC system in its cars. Ford Sync is a factory-installed system that offers a variety of features include text message read back abilities and entertainment integration for Ford’s cars. Basically, it is a computer that sits in the car’s dashboard and offers the promise of an entire new category of smart devices to develop for.

I reported here last month that RIM is already developing integration into BMW’s ConnectedDrive system that the luxury car manufacturer offers. It will offer the ability for properly equipped BMWs to read aloud emails received on your BlackBerry.

The Ford SYNC integration that RIM is working on builds on Ford’s implemention of the latest Bluetooth Message Access Profile (MAP) into SYNC. MAP promises a standard for all smartphones to  be able to connect to a variety of devices to share information, including email, SMS and MMS messaging. What RIM is doing now is to implement MAP into all of its phones to take advantage of the new technology. A lot more cars and devices will be able to interact with BlackBerrys in the future through it.

These car integration systems are part of RIM’s plans to become a visible player in the smart-automobile industry. RIM has already acquired two companies that develop software for GPS devices and cars, so we can expect that the BlackBerry brand might start popping up in quite a few more places. This will come as a blessing to heavy BlackBerry users that need the ability to send and receive the emails, calls and text messages while on the go. Here is an interesting overview of RIM’s potential plans into the future when it comes to your car in case you are interested.

Excited that your new Ford will soon be able to read you all of your tweets, emails and text messages while you drive? Let me know. And tell me if you think that RIM has the knowledge or experience to start doing more with cars.

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