RIM’s FaceBook App Goes Version 1.9—Finally Starting to Not Look Like Junk


BlackBerry users are a hardy breed. Their app store is always being picked on for having so few apps (Microsoft’s WP7 market will probably pass it in number by July) and the apps that are available sometime leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, Research In Motion (RIM) has finally gotten around to working on their Facebook client again.

While Facebook version 1.9 is still in beta and only available to BlackBerry Beta Zone members right now, it brings features that have been conspicuously missing. What are these features? Well you know, having your Facebook friends’ profile pictures in your friend’s list…a Facebook message inbox that syncs to your Facebook account and actually marks what messages you read on your BlackBerry as read when you use the website…an actual search feature to find friends and pages…and finally, an updated user interface. Phew. Welcome to 2010 RIM?

My preferred mobile client for Facebook is the one Facebook makes for iOS. My heart goes out to all the BlackBerry owners out there who love Facebook and have had to suffer without these features. Seriously, the iOS version of Facebook might be riddled with bugs and only bring you to updates on pictures half the time (the other half the time it just spits out an error message and you have to go all the way to the full web version of the site to view the picture that was updated) but c’mon.

RIM, there are hundreds and hundreds of millions of avid Facebook users out there. It takes you until now to put out a beta version of a Facebook client that finally brings these features to the table? And no, I don’t want to hear a lame excuse that business users don’t Facebook. Do you need to hire more programmers or something? If so, then do it already.

At least RIM got something right with Facebook 1.9 which is due to arrive in a non-beta version soon. Your last 30 Facebook messages now appear in your BlackBerry inbox. Now that’s something useful. But don’t get me started on location tagging.

Excited for Facebook 1.9 to hit BlackBerry App World? Getting fed up with having to wait for RIM to update its applications? Tell me in the comments.

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