RIM is Getting More Serious about Developers, Again

Research In Motion (RIM) has had a problem getting developers to, well, develop for its BlackBerry platform. Things are only going to get more difficult for developers since the coming BlackBerry ‘PlayBook’ tablet will be running a non-BlackBerry operating system. The good news though (besides the fact that RIM really is working on an iPad/Cius killing tablet) is that the company is going to start offering more support for its developers.

The Analytics Service

Probably the coolest thing RIM will be offering its developers is its own analytics service. Powered by Webtrends, it will make it an easy task for developers put analytical tools in their applications. This way, they can tell how you use their products and who you are. Kind of scary huh? Don’t think that Apple and Google don’t do the same thing now on at least some level.

The New Tools

RIM’s answer to iAd, the BlackBerry Advertising Service will allow developers to place ads in their apps quickly and without hastle. The BlackBerry Enterprise Application Middleware is designed to assist in the development of proprietary apps for large companies. Think something that can deliver market data, supply channel information and the like into an easy to make BlackBerry app. All of this will be made even simpler with BlackBerry WebWorks—RIM’s HTML5, CSS and JavaScript development system that lets developers code apps without touching C++ or any traditional programming languages.

The Payment System

Part of the BlackBerry App World 2.0 update, the new BlackBerry Payment Service SDK lets developers put payment systems into apps. Unlockable features, additional content, etc. are all possible through this SDK. This should make some app developers quite happy.

Hopefully all of these new tools will spur developers to start getting serious about BlackBerry. The Apple iTunes App Store and the Android App Market are both going strong. RIM needs developers and it needs them now if it wants to keep its customers.

Let me know if you think RIM is on the right track here.

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