The Pressure is on RIM so How is the Curve 9300 Going to Fare?

Just to make sure that you had not forgotten about Research In Motion’s soon-to-be released Blackberry 9300 Curve “Kepler,” some new photos of the device have popped up. The question is going to be however, will the Curve 9300’s launch on T-Mobile’s network be enough to keep consumers buzzing about BlackBerrys until the 9800’s release? This year certainly seems to the season for outrageously spec’d smartphones and tablets, and while Research In Motion (RIM) has its own in the works, releasing a phone that is basically a  Curve 8520 with 3G support might leave some feeling a little let down.

Maybe the 9300 is just the ticket though for RIM to gain a stronger foothold in North America. If the smartphone really does support an upgrade to BlackBerry OS 6 or even ships with it, then it might work well into RIM’s new strategy. Apple has millions of users upgrading to iOS 4 on their 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation iPhones and driving up the demand for apps, support from large companies and governments, and overall demand. BlackBerrys are a little behind the curve, and until OS 6 will not be in a position to strongly compete for the hearts of minds of the smartphone toting young with cash to spend that seem to permeate everywhere North of the equator and West of the Middle East. The 9300 “Kepler” might just be phone to fill in that three year gap with a low enough price point for widespread adoption.

All of that would fall apart however, if the phone eventually does not deliver an OS 6 experience to users. The integrated social feeds, the much improved web browsing experience and the sexiness that new OS is promising would be lost. The phone would simply end up the last update to a soon-to-be discontinued era in RIM’s long history. On second thought, maybe that is exactly what the phone is meant to be. Perhaps the tech media simply puts too much emphasis into each new release in its search for the next big device.

Tell us if you think the Curve 9300 is going to be the quick fix to the promised land of OS 6 or the last chapter before RIM’s resurgence campaign.

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