RIM Also Facing Competition From Microsoft

Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry could face serious competition from Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 . This might sound amusing to some, but cause for worry for others. RIM was already just surpassed by Android OS-powered devices in US market share to fall to the number two spot. With Apple close on its heels, resurgence in Windows Mobile popularity could deal it a blow that would be difficult to recover from.

So why does anything think that the new Windows Mobile can compete against the BlackBerry? Well, the fact that Microsoft is already such a strong corporate player gives it an advantage that Apple and Google currently do not have. Mix in an improved user interface, better Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint functionality and the fact that Microsoft has muscle to throw behind its products. The result? Companies might want to consider it as an alternative to BlackBerrys.

With so many competitors edging into RIM’s strong corporate market, the company needs to do something quickly. Its competitors already are more popular among regular consumers for a reason—they offer more features and work better for a lot of tasks. While the new Social Feeds app in BlackBerry OS 6 is a good step in the right direction, the platform also needs apps to survive. All three of RIM’s platforms already have better develop support.

Do you think that RIM can survive if Microsoft has a mild success on its hands? I have a feeling that RIM is going to make some drastic changes in the coming year to keep itself competitive. If it doesn’t, it might just end up going the way of Palm. That’s something none of us want to see happen. Drop a comment and let me know if you think Microsoft can do anything to RIM.

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