RIM’s CEO Ends interview with BBC on Security questions

Recently RIM the maker of Blackberries has come under some fire for just about any topic you can think of. The company has gone from sitting at the top of the smart phone industry with little to no competition to directly competing with the likes of Apple and Android. While the company attempts to stay competitive the industry can’t help but poke fun or citizen whenever they get the chance. As RIM has been focused on expanding their presence internationally they have encountered a few hurdles. None of these hurdles have been more publicized then the access debates they are having with India’s government. See India wants access to basically all of the information on the Blackberries running in their country as a part of their national security. RIM has been negotiating terms with India’s government, as losing its billion potential customers is something RIM would like to avoid.

In a recent BBC interview RIM’s founder and CEO Mike Lazaridis kind of lost it when asked about the “Security problems” they have encountered in India. The issue of Blackberries security has never been called into question and you can see that Mr. Lazaridis’s is tired of the media skewing facts to make RIM the bad guy – or something like that. The short clip starts with the interviewer asking,

Move on to the problems you had in terms of security, and your various arguments with the Indian government and a number of governments in the middle east, is that anywhere near being sorted out”.

Immediately after the first couple of words on security you can see the CEO’s reaction is not positive and he seems a bit upset. Lazaridis then goes on to say.

“You implied that we have a security problem, we don’t have a security problem … we’ve just been singled out, because we’re so successful around the world. It’s an iconic product, used by business, it’s used by leaders, it’s used by celebrities, it’s used by consumers, it’s used by teenagers, we were just singled out.” 

The interviewer goes on to push the subject and gets what he deserved. Mike Lazaridis stops the interview, but not before reminding the interviewer that “We’ve dealt with this, come on this is a national security issue”.

Essentially Lazaridis was a bit deterred by the interviewer insinuating Blackberries have a security problem, which is far from the case.

I say power to the Lazaridis. The guy has been defending his company pretty heavily recently and is there to talk Playbook not discuss a lack of security. So say what you want about the Laz and his outlash against the man! You can check out the video of the outburst at the BBC website.

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