RIM Buys DataViz

Research In Motion’s (RIM) decision to buy DataViz was a smart one. Wait, didn’t hear about that? No one did really. Rumor has it from CrackBerry that $50 million was paid for DataViz, and some DataViz employees now have ‘Research In Motion’ down as their current employer on LinkedIn. I would lean towards this being true but RIM and DataViz not wanting to make a big deal out of it.

DataViz’s decision to not produce a Palm WebOS version of its extremely popular Documents To Go software happened very recently as well, which makes you wonder how RIM is going to use the company. My first guess would be that they will make a unique, BlackBerry only software package for document editing. With those ‘BlackPad’ tablet rumors still floating around, maybe some legitimate word processing will be seen on the BlackBerry platform soon. With Apple’s announced wireless printing support for its iPad tablet, RIM is going to have a lot of competition in the tablet market if and when it does launch its own tablet.

Large tech companies are always looking to acquire new patents, technology and expertise in fields that they have to branch into to stay competitive. This is the 21st century and people want the best. Deliver it and they will eat out of the palm of your hand. Don’t deliver? They will abandon ship faster than you can say “sinking.”

The acquisition of DataViz should be good news for everyone out there using a BlackBerry. Android OS, iOS and WebOS users might suffer however. I can understand why DataViz would drop WebOS. There simply are too few WebOS devices out there right now for it to be a legitimate app platform. If DataViz/RIM decide to drop Apple and Google though, that would certainly be a shocking development.

Ever use Documents To Go? Ever hear of DataViz? Let me know, and tell me if you think that RIM made a smart move here. Wouldn’t just licensing out technology that it needs enough? Is this software going to make an appearance on the BlackPad? I really hope so. For the non-BlackBerry crowd, keep hoping for the app to stay available on your platform.

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