RIM Buys BlackPad.com Domain Name

Research In Motion has purchased the domain name BlackPad.com, possibly as part of its initial actions to prepare for the coming of its still rumored BlackBerry Tablet. While the tablet still has not been spotted anywhere, the rumor mill has been building up a lot of still unverified information on it. However, a number of analysts who monitor purchases from smartphone parts manufacturers have noted that the company has bought quite a number of touchscreens that would be the correct size for a tablet.

Do not think however, that the name of the tablet will be ‘BlackPad,’ as Research In Motion (RIM) has historically purchased every domain name having to do with any BlackBerry device or with the company’s name.

The BlackBerry Tablet (also referred to by the codename ‘Cobalt’), is expected to sport a 7” screen and video conferencing abilities. This is on top of its aggressively powered processors. Think 1Ghz CPU and hardware accelerated support for Adobe’s Flash technology. The upcoming tablet wars just got a little more interesting.

In fact, while RIM has not made any official announcements on the possibility of the tablet, it has gotten a number of unofficial confirmations from individuals close to the company. Blackberry OS 6 will also be on the tablet, which may bring the number of OS 6 touchscreen BlackBerrys up to 3. The Bold 9800 will feature both a slide out keyboard and a touchscreen, while the coming Storm 3 will only have one.

However, the BlackBerry Cobalt may be stuck using a BlackBerry smartphone to do any internet surfing. Some analysts have rumored that the device would have to tether to a BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth to access the internet when Wi-Fi is unavailable, as it will not have a cellular radio inside. Apple does offer a more expensive model of its iPad with a cellular radio and offers data plans through AT&T. Cisco’s coming Cius tablet offers every data transmission service available, including 4G.

So, it the tablet going to be called the BlackPad?

Or is this just RIM being smart and keeping anyone from cashing in on their good will?

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