Things Are Even Worse for RIM Than We Thought

The situation that Research In Motion (RIM)–the maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphone–finds itself in is even worse than we all thought. RIM’s cherished corporate customers have always been big fans of the business oriented BlackBerry, but serious competition from the likes of Apple’s iPhone and smartphones powered by Google’s Android OS might just spell doom. I’m not exaggerating.

A new survey of 200 companies by Sanford C. Bernstein Ltd. has found that 74% allow employees to use smartphones other than BlackBerrys. In fact, Bloomberg reports that the executive branch of the European Union has decided to ditch BlackBerrys in favor of iPhone and HTC made Android OS models. Other large organizations are taking similar steps.

That is not all either. A Nielson poll of BlackBerry owners has found out only 42% want to stay with the BlackBerry brand. iPhone users? A near fanatical 89%. Android OS users claimed a very strong 71% themselves. While all of this happens, RIM’s stock price has plummeted more than 33% this year. RIM’s new Torch 9800 is not selling well either. Oh, and you can’t forget about more and more countries considering banning the devices.

I have already written once about how I believe RIM needs a change in leadership. The sad thing is, BlackBerrys are still good smartphones but at the speed technology evolves now, RIM just isn’t keeping up with its sleek and sexy competitors. Google is the golden child of the internet and Apple seems to be incapable of doing wrong since Steve Jobs came back. A Mad Men analogy comes to mind. RIM seems like the old-school companies that refused to go along with the times and start marketing and advertising their products well and in exciting ways. We are in the era of marketing-oriented companies now. Apple on the other hand comes of like a white hot adman of the Mad Men era and Google already practically controls the internet and all information on it. How is RIM going to compete?

Let me know what you think.

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