RIM’s Blackberry Playbook takes a trip to the FCC

If you’re patiently waiting the launch of the new Blackberry Playbook, thats good but you have to keep waiting. Grab some more snacks and keep watching as RIM lets the anticipation grow so large that most that were interested are…well losing interest. The concept of a midsized Blackberry tablet is surely enough for any of us to get excited about. But how long do we wait? Guess that’s a subjective question however, some good news has been spotted on the FCC website today. It’s a Playbook. If you’re unaware most electronic devices need to pass through the FCC halls to be approved for sale in the United States.

A Wi-Fi version of the Blackberry Playbook has made its way into the Federal Communications Commission seeking its governmental approval. It may come as no surprise as the launch date on the Playbook has been set for spring this year for quite some time. The Wi-Fi’ed Playbook passed through the FCC in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB flavors. While there was not mention or evidence of cellular branded versions, they will surely get donned by the FCC in the near future. A confidentiality request from RIM to the federal entity requests that all external photos, test setup photos, user’s manual and internal photos are keep under wraps until 3/31/2011, citing “to ensure sensitive business information remains confidential until the actual marketing of the device.” Basically don’t leak our secrets until were ready, which is completely understandable. It may be something RIM should consider at this point as the buzz is surely fading. But just in case you need a refresh to keep you interested. The Playbook’s operating system was made exclusively for the Playbook, by QNX. If your unfamiliar with QNX’s work check out some demos of the Playbook in action or their history in general, quite impressive to say the least. The information known or at least assumed at this point is the new QNX Playbook will be a 7 inch tablet with a 1024 x 600 screen resolution.  The Playbook will run a 1GHz processor and come in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB tasty flavors. Camera’s can be found on the front and back of the device, the front facing unit snaps your mug at 3 megapixels while the rear facing camera can catch life around you at 5 megapixels and also has the ability to record video in 1080p. These details are scavenged up from the loads of rumors and back channel leaks that have surfaced on the interwebs over the past six months. But any of that could potentially change come release time.

So there you have it a folk the Wi-Fi Playbook has made it to the FCC for approval. One step closer to finally launching or at the least proving it’s real and it is indeed coming. I’m looking forward to the potential of the Blackberry Playbook. What about you? Is it still worth waiting for? Or does the Xoom or iPad sound enticing to you?

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