RIM’s Blackberry Playbook can use Android applications

The information surrounding the soon to launch Blackberry Playbook has been circulating for what seems like forever at this point. The days until launch are numbered however as the last time anyone checked the Playbook is slated for an April 19th launch in the US and Canada. The Blackberry Playbook will run its own brand new operating system that has been developed by QNX. Just the QNX operating system is surely enough for many to take a look and fall in love, however if you add the 100,000 plus applications within the Android ecosystem – the Blackberry Playbook sounds even more interesting and surely appeals to a larger audience.  Some said it would never happen some were wrong!

In a press release published on Thursday RIM announced a very large leap forward. A few months back BGR got some details surrounding the possibility Android applications running on the Playbook, while most interested looked forward to it, the concept was just too easy to doubt. But this is about as official as it can get. RIM will officially allow the support of Android applications on their soon to be released Playbook. The  Blackberry Playbook is said to be able to run two different downloadable “App Players” these two players will allow users to run Android applications or Blackberry Java based apps. But don’t expect to see the Android market place icon anywhere on your Playbook. All of your application downloading will come from the existing Blackberry App world. Once downloaded one of the two ‘players’ (which also need to be downloaded) will run the application for you. RIM has also gone to great lengths to help attract developers to this new bilingual tablet. A slew of new tools including Native C/C++ development support as well as gaming focused support tools from Ideaworks Labs and Unity Technologies. So what does that mean? Well developers working on Android applications will be able to easily port their apps to be used for the Playbook.

Sounds great right? For me the interest level on the Playbook has just jumped up a few notches. I’m interested again. What about you? Keep in mind that this ability will not be available to the Playbook until summer. Are you interested in the 7 inch Playbook?

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