RIM Bringing BlackBerry OS 6 to Developers, No SDK Yet

You may have noticed that despite all of the sneak peeks of BlackBerry OS 6 that have popped up from Research In Motion (RIM) and 3rd parties, there has been surprisingly little said about the new OS and software developers. That might be because there is still no software development kit (SDK) for them. Wait, what? That’s right. No one has any idea how to take advantage of the features in OS 6, and rumor has it, the first OS 6 device—the BlackBerry Bold 9800—could appear as soon as August 15th. At least RIM’s blog is promising more news for developers soon, so they might have some idea of where to start.

RIM might have shot itself in the foot here. Even if the newly redesigned operating system is phenomenal and the smartphones that run it are excellent, who is going to buy one if there are no apps that take advantage of either? At least RIM has its BlackBerry App World 2.0 in beta right now. You would have thought that the company would have tried to get the OS 6 SDK and App World 2.0 out as quickly as possible to ensure application support at launch.

This is not Apple we are talking about here, this is RIM. Apple got away with a lot when it released the first iPhone, but the iPhone was a revolutionary product. RIM is trying to play catch up and has already fallen behind its two largest rivals, Apple and Google, when it comes to operating systems and web browsing support on smartphones. It looks like OS 6 might actually be being rushed to completion. We all know what problems Apple has had since rushing the iPhone 4 to beat RIM’s launch of its next generation of BlackBerrys. Can RIM survive being both late, and rushed?

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think. Still interested in OS 6 and RIM’s coming hardware if there may not be any apps to run on it? Is OS 6 going to have bugs that need worked out? Let us know!

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