RIM Acquiring New Tech but We Want Phones!

Okay Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM), we understand that it is essential to keep ahead of the pack when it comes to new technology but we want the BlackBerry 9800 Torch already! So do investors. RIM’s stock price has fallen nearly 30% in the past year and the reasons are simple. Sure, the BlackBerry is getting released all over the world but these cheaper international offerings are not phones that Western users want. They might be cheap to produce, but they contribute less to the company’s bottom line that you might think. The exorbitant prices they fetch are often the result of stiff import tariffs.

We appreciate that you are going to release your new BlackBerry OS 6. We are excited about your upcoming new web browser. We even are intrigued by the “BlackBerry Drive” and your push into GPS markets. But what we want are phones. New, sexy ones with touch screens to be accurate. Smartphones hold a unique duality: they are tools that enhance productivity and they are status symbols. Everyone recognizes Apple’s iPhone already on sight. BlackBerrys have been around far far longer and while instantly recognizable, just look outdated. Besides the BlackBerry Storm series, they all kind of… look the same actually. Sorry RIM but that is the truth. We want our BlackBerry 9800 Torch and we want it now.

That brings me to my next point: you need to get your BlackBerry Tablet right on the first try. Apple’s iPad has already sold more than 3 million units. The fact that your BlackBerry Tablet might have to exclusively rely on a BlackBerry smartphone tethering system via Bluetooth worries me a little. What about all of those users that do not have a BlackBerry smartphone? Will they have to purchase one to get internet on their BlackBerry Tablet? That will certainly reduce the number of units you sell. And lets be honest here, you need to move units to get more applications on your BlackBerry App World (hurry up with version 2 already).

The ball is all in your court RIM, so please do not disappoint us. We believe in you but it is time that you delivered something new that will get us excited to be a BlackBerry users again. I know you can do it.

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