RIM Working on a BlackBerry with a Landscape Keyboard

Oh boy oh boy, the rumors regarding BlackBerrys have been flying out at a rapid pace lately and this latest one has an actual patent filing to back it up. Research In Motion (RIM) is apparently working on a BlackBerry that has a slide out, landscape oriented keyboard. While RIM has never done something like this, the coming Bold 9800 does have a keyboard that slides out vertically, which is also a first for the company.

Please take this for a rumor however, since until we learn more, it is still just speculation despite the patent filing. Don’t believe me? RIM has been filing patents for slide out keyboards—including landscape oriented ones—since at least 2008. Adding yet another form factor to its already bloated product line might just make developing those precious apps for the platform even more of a headache than it already is.

However, the possibility of RIM getting into the sliding phone game is quite interesting. The Bold 9800 with its sliding keyboard might just be the smartphone to propel RIM back to its throne of smartphone dominance and punches back at all the naysayers who have been bashing on the company in the news lately. We can only hope.

In the meantime, check out the patent filing at patft.uspto.gov if you are interested leave some comments. How do you feel about a BlackBerry with a slide out keyboard in this configuration? Would you buy one? This make you rethink if you should cash in your next upgrade for a 9800 or wait for this beauty to eventually emerge?

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