RIM’s Blackberry running Android Apps

There is a whole lot of speculation surrounding RIM and the future of their legendary Blackberry line, everything from changing the entire operating system to completely overhauling their hardware it seems that the tech world just won’t leave poor RIM alone. But they (we) have a point, as the years pass and more competition arrives and eats away your users you have to do something right. On this path of ‘remodeling’ there product range we have seen the likes of the Blackberry Playbook and a few new Blackberry models that surely look delicious. But what about media, entertainment and productivity…you know apps. Blackberry has been looking to catch up to the ‘app’ market for some time, there CEO said once that apps as consumers know it now are essentially a passing fad. Today a bit of news out of a mobile application developer ShopSavvy is putting that statement in question.

Last month some news surrounding Blackberries forthcoming tablet the Playbook stated that the slate could run Android applications. The new QNX operating system that is found on the Playbook and will presumably be on future versions of RIM’s Blackberries is more than capable of doing this, but will it be done? Is RIM really entertaining this idea? Well it seems that they are. ShopSavvy has reported that one of its Android applications has recently been tested on some older model Blackberry Curves. To be exact these devices and the date they were logged as using the Android app are; BlackBerry 8300 ran ShopSavvy on January 31, 2011, while the Blackberry 8600 ran this same app on January 17 and 24, 2011 and more recently the 8520 was using the Shopsavvy app on February 7, 2011. Shopsavvy noted that there information is tracked by Flurry and has recently posted pictures of these findings just to hush the naysayers. Further confirming this claim is the location of the three devices when using the app. Do you want to guess where that location was? Waterloo, Ontario in good ol’ Canada, quite a coincidence considering this is exactly where RIM’s headquarters is located. Is this sheer coincidence? I don’t think so. While this could easily be a fabrication on Shopsavvy’s part, it’s hard to believe they would go to these lengths to promote an app

Blackberry users rejoice, if this comes to pass you to shall have access to all the apps you heart –or processor- can handle. However, this also could simply mean that Blackberry is ‘taking notes’ and plans on creating an entirely new application market in anticipation of their new QNX operating system. Maybe a stretch but, surely we will learn more in the coming months as Blackberry gets ready to revitalize their line up with new product.

But tell us what you think. Would you like to run the applications in the Android Market on your Blackberry? Would Google give RIM the rights to use just their beloved market without actually using Android’s OS?

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