RIM Wants in on Advertisements for Your BlackBerry

I mentioned earlier that Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) may soon start sharing your location with apps in real-time (read here). Most likely this is a response to Apple’s decision to do just that in iOS 4. What this all means can only be one thing, RIM wants to start its own advertisement service and start tapping into revenue from all of its handsets already in circulation. GPS tracking is the next big thing in smartphone advertising, and the rumor mill has started whispering that RIM is looking to purchase a mobile advertising company. It may even be considering purchasing Opera, who just bought AdMarvel (please note that these rumors are unconfirmed).

How will RIM owning its own mobile advertising company work into things? Well the BlackBerry OS will soon be getting a makeover with the release of version 6. The company is also doing an update of its App World, and making things easier for users. Perhaps trying to emulate Apple?

Emulating Apple (who started its own iAd service) is not necessarily a bad idea. Mobile advertisements are a way to boost the bottom line. The key will be implementation. Better advertisement support will also be essential if RIM seriously wants to boost the number of apps available on its App World store.

Only time will tell if RIM really is going to enter the mobile advertisement market, but I think it would be a smart move for them. Consumers already account for half of their product sales in North America, so why not toss some advertisements into the mix? Furthermore, RIM needs to show its investors that it is working on new ways to bring in revenue and has already acquired a number of companies lately in areas that are not directly related to smartphones.

So, do you think RIM will be entering the mobile advertisement market? Would it be a smart move or a foolish one? Let me know what you think, and if you think RIM can compete against more established players in the market.

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