RIM and AT&T Put on a Show August 3rd

A select few media outlets have gotten special invitations to an exclusive event that is being hosted by Research In Motion and AT&T on August 3rd in New York. Since the rumor that the new BlackBerry Bold 9800 will go on sale August 15th is still going strong, this might be the Steve Jobsian media spectacle that Research In Motion (RIM)—the maker of the BlackBerry line of smartphones—wants to use to officially announce the Bold 9800 and BlackBerry OS 6 and their release dates. I certainly hope so. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that August 15th is really the date we get to nab a 9800.

Besides just perhaps an announcement regarding the Bold 9800 and OS 6, we might also get a peek at the Bold 9780 which has been popping up in pictures online in the last few days. It has already been verified to run OS 6 and since the 9700 that it is meant to replace might not have the necessary RAM to run the new operating system, it could be something you want to take a look at and upgrade to. That is, if OS 6 is as awesome as RIM has been touting on their official blog.

If all goes well for RIM, this could be an amazing opportunity for them to start their rally to regain their place in the smartphone world. Apple’s iPhone and Google Android OS powered smartphones have been making a strong push into the hands of customers as of late, but if RIM really does deliver like promised, then the next few years could really be excellent for fans of the BlackBerry. As long as nothing like Apple’s ‘Antennagate’ pops up, I have strong expectations.

So, why not weigh in via the comments section and drop a line stating your opinions on the coming Bold 9800, the 9780 and BlackBerry OS 6. Who knows, we might even find out more about BlackBerry App World 2.0 and BlackBerry Protect once August 3rd rolls around. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed!

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