RIM’s BBM on your Android or iPhone?

One of RIM’s legendary services BBM may be coming to an Android or iOS device near you. BBM addicts will have no reason to be tied down to their out of date hardware – kind of. BGR is reporting “from multiple trusted sources “that RIM’s BBM or Blackberry Messenger will soon be available on multiple platforms other than their own. The report states that RIM’s Blackberry only messaging service will potentially be made available on Android’s market as soon as this year. Sources tell BGR that RIM has yet to solidify any details in regard to potential launch dates or prices however, speculation seems to point to free for all users with a catch of course.  But wouldn’t this give Blackberry users the last straw they need to ditch there Blackberry for an Android or iPhone? Maybe not depending on how RIM plays its cards.

BBM on an Android or an iPhone would surely catch like wild fire. But free? While BGR’s sources say the company is still developing its strategy, a ‘full’ version of BBM would most likely not be free to anyone not using a Blackberry. Given the unique nature of the service its being said that RIM could leave out some very unique features of BBM in attempts to lure Android or iOS users back onto a piece of RIM hardware. Examples of this would be simple picture sharing, videos and location sharing, think about how worthless your BBM would be without emoticons.  Currently BGR’s source all but confirmed BBM on Android by saying “definitely a go” and will be launched sometime this year.

While this all sounds good in theory, does it make sense for RIM? The answer simply put is yes. The company has been suffering from slipping sales and over all relevance within the mobile space over the past few years. RIM has made some drastic changes to their future by enlisting (buying) QNX to build its Playbook OS and will be implemented into future Blackberries. If BBM were to cross platforms RIM would own the largest mobile to mobile messaging service in all the land. With the rumors of Blackberry devices and the forthcoming Playbook running Android apps it seems that RIM’s strategy on their hardware and all around business model may be shifting and that my friends is a much need shift.

Would BBM on an iPhone or Android device make you want to switch from your Blackberry? Or is the keyboard still the only reason to hang on?

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