Reverse Number Lookup for BlackBerry: Stop Sneaky Telemarketers

Mr. Number is an app for your BlackBerry that keeps you from answering unwanted calls from unknown numbers. How does it do it? It offers automatic and manual reverse lookup services for free and is available on the BlackBerry App World.

The company’s blog says that with Mr. Number, “You can type a number by hand or highlight a number in the call log on your phone, press the menu button, and select Mr. Number.” The app also helps if you get a call at home from a number that you do not recognize. Just type the number into your BlackBerry and see where it is from. The app also asks you after you receive a call from an unknown number if the call was spam. If so, it will automatically log the number and warn others using the app about it if they get a call from the same number. About time technology started helping us avoid talking to people that we do not want to, instead of making it easier for them to talk to us.

Besides keeping us all safe from evil—telemarketers—the app also offers contacts backup features and can restore all of your contacts if you get a new phone. An Android OS and iPhone version is also available. The one drawback is that if you have a CDMA phone, carrier restraints prevent the service from looking up the call as it comes in. You have to let the call go to voicemail or ignore it before the number can be shown. The problem does not exist on GSM phones.

The last time I popped over to the company’s website, the service claimed to have screened 62,910, 312 calls and texts. Impressive. The company also says that the service/app recognizes more than 50% of cell phone numbers and 90% of all landline numbers.

Personally, I am sick of being interrupted by companies that show little regard for my sentiments on the subject of robo-calling.

Will you be using Mr. Number to avoid telemarketers and call spammers? Let us know.

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