Research In Motion Beats out Microsoft on Twitter

While I have never given that much legitimacy to Twitter-based stats, something interesting has be unearthed by What the Trend’s list of the top 10 companies on Twitter for 2010. BlackBerry maker Research In Motion beat out Microsoft for spot number five. Microsoft, which launched its new Windows Phone 7 operating system a couple of months ago, was in sixth place. Unsurprisingly, Apple landed spot number one and Google sits firmly in spot number two. Does Twitter really parallel the real world? Interesting… Maybe Justin Bieber should consider a run for public office.

Top 10 Companies on Twitter for 2010:

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Twitter
  4. Uniqlo
  5. Research In Motion
  6. Microsoft
  7. Facebook
  8. Nintendo
  9. Sony
  10. BBC

While almost all of the companies on the list are no-brainers, Uniqlo and BBC stick out like sore thumbs.  However, Uniqlo (a clothing retailer) has been running aggressive advertisement campaigns via Twitter. In fact, the company reduces “the price of clothing pieces every time someone sends a tweet about an item” according to Advertising Age. Too bad Apple doesn’t do the same with its products! BBC’s placement on the list is explained by its problems with striking journalists among other things.

Back to the smartphone makers. RIM’s number five position means that the company is being talked about a lot on Twitter. While this could be due to its declining market share in North America, I am more inclined to point to buzz over its coming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Everyone has a soft spot for RIM since it did pretty much invent wireless email and the smartphone.

RIM’s spot directly above Microsoft is certainly interesting news as well. Sure, Microsoft’s new WP7 operating system might be new but this is the company that practically rules the PC world. I’m writing this on a PC running Microsoft Windows and there’s a very good chance that you’re reading this through Windows. Not to mention Microsoft Office, Exchange, the Xbox 360…the list of Microsoft products just goes on and on. How the heck did RIM beat Microsoft? Maybe the company has a lot more kick left in it than anyone thought.

Tell me in the comments what you think of the list! Keep in mind that What the Trend built its list a little differently than Twitter builds its own lists. For example, iPhone and Mac OS X were lumped under Apple. The BlackBerry PlayBook and BES got put together under Research In Motion. You get the idea.

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