RadioShack Opening Early for Sprint EVO

Anticipating the large demand for the HTC EVO 4G, RadioShack will be opening the doors of their stores as early as 6 am on June 4 in order to accommodate the pre-orders for the device. The retail store is not the first in making the move. A few days back, Sprint also announced that they will be opening early to accommodate the expected mob of consumers who wish to get their hands on the device first.

In order to entice more consumers to avail of the HTC EVO 4G as soon as possible, RadioShack will also be offering a number a number of discounts and deals. On that special day an additional 20% discount will be given for consumers who wish to purchase accessories. Customers who have made their pre-orders can also expect to receive a $20 gift card.

There has been no statement as to why either company has made the decision of opening early on the 4th. This gives the impression that the demand for the device has been strong, even for early orders. Stores may be hoping to allocate the demand throughout this particular day.

Besides the two stores previously mentioned, there are also other stores that will be offering the HTC EVO 4G, including Wal-Mart and Best Buy. At RadioShack, those who have not taken advantage of the preordermay still get a chance to purchase their own EVO for $199.99. This is the walk-in rate that comes with a two year contract, without the mail in rebate. Unfortunately, they will not be able to avail of the same discounts and deals as those who pre -ordered.  Consumers who wish to make their pre-orders are advised to call their nearest branch as not all RadioShacks will be open at 6 am on the 4th.

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