Radio Shack: T-Mobile G2 for $150 bucks

The end of last week brought the world news of the new T-Mobile G2. The week ended with the kind words of Best Buy saying the G2 is available for pre order NOW. The news was made official by T-Mobile on Thursday of last week, shortly after that, a mere day later the T-Mobile G2 went on pre-order via Best Buy for 200 bucks and is expected to be available on October 6th. Well hopefully you didn’t run out with your blinders on and order one as Radio Shack just upped the ante and is seemingly trying to compete with Best Buy.

Radio Shack or The Shack if you choose to call it, has announced today that they will be offering up the new T-Mobile G2 as well. But there’s a catch, its 50 bucks cheaper via an in store instant rebate, you know Radio Shack has to do something to compete with the likes of Best Buy and even T-Mobile for that matter. So hopefully you didn’t run out and put a pre order in with Best Buy as saving fifty bucks is surely a good thing. Oh and if you’re tempted to get your hands on this for 150, a word the wise; Wait until Amazon gets there ducks in a row on this one, as there discounts will most likely put Radio Shack and Best Buy to shame.

Oh and just in case you forgot, the new G2 runs at 800MHz, Froyo 2.2, HSPA+ cellular radio, full QWERTY slide out keypad, 3.7 inch touch screen and is all stock with no HTC Sense, which that alone makes it worth every dollar in my eyes.

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