Queen Elizabeth II Gets a BlackBerry Bold 9700; Visits RIM HQ

Queen Elizabeth visited Waterloo, Ontario based Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) over the weekend while on a tour of Canada, and managed to snag—okay, was given—a customized white BlackBerry Bold 9700.  The phone in questioned had a picture of students from the Kitchner Queen Elizabeth public school holding flowers set as its default background. Why the Queen’s trip to RIM? Canadian newspapers are hinting that she is actually a secret blackberry addict. After all, she did spend time at the plant watching how the iconic smartphones are manufactured.

The plant in question employs about 1,600 workers and uses robots to assemble new models and “get the bugs out of them,” according to David Yach, the company’s chief technology officer for software. Most BlackBerrys are now built in Mexico, Europe and South America.

Apparently, the Royal Family is a big fan of RIM and its phones. Yach went on to mention how Prince Andrew is the “unofficial CIO of the palace,” and that the rest of the family uses the ubiquitous devices. Maybe President Obama should have given Queen Elizabeth a BlackBerry instead of an iPod when he visited her? We all know how much the President loves his BlackBerry, maybe he has the Queen’s pin for messaging.

I would have loved to see the inside of RIM’s plant. Who knows exactly what she got to see there? The Storm 3, the BlackBerry Tablet, or maybe the Bold 9800 “Torch?” I am drooling just thinking of all of the tech inside that plant.

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