QNX Software Systems Talks about its New BlackBerry ‘PlayBook’ OS

The CEO of QNX Software Systems—Dan Dodge—has been talking on the official BlackBerry Developer’s Blog regarding the new OS his company has developed for Research In Motion (RIM) and its coming PlayBook tablet. Remember, QNX was purchased by RIM to develop the OS. Here is a quick summary of what he said about it.

First off, Mr. Dodge had some pretty interesting things to say about his company’s QNX Neutrino OS. He made the point that for most other smartphone/tablet operating systems, multitasking has been something that had to be added later in the game. However, the QNX OS was designed for it and is used in “the world’s highest-capacity routers.” Very cool. Furthermore, he explained that the QNX OS uses protected memory spaces for everything running on top, including the drivers and apps. This is exactly the kind of UNIX styled OS that the BlackBerry platform needs to succeed in the future. Google and Apple are both taking similar routes.

Second, Mr. Dodge talked about how the new OS QNX has developed for the PlayBook will work. Officially, it is called the BlackBerry Tablet OS. He assured everyone that the new OS “seamlessly pairs” with existing BlackBerry smartphones. In fact, the OS will allow virtual machines to run on it that can use existing BlackBerry OS 6 Java apps. That should certainly appease those who are worried about not being able to use some of their favorite apps on the PlayBook.

Overall, while Mr. Dodge did not tell us anything that couldn’t be guessed or inferred, it is good to see that QNX is fully behind its new goal. The new OS should be a huge jump up from what BB OS 6. (Have you seen the screen shots or the video?) Hopefully, RIM doesn’t try to cater to both consumers and business users while coming up short on both fronts. With the name PlayBook, anyone wonder if this really is for business users? Or many RIM realizes that even business users want a little sparkle and flash during the workday.

We will have to wait and see how well the new OS works on the PlayBook, but I am certainly excited. Let the new age of BlackBerry come. Tell me in the comments if you think RIM did the right thing by going to a new OS for the tablet.

Oh, and it has been confirmed by a RIM VP that the new OS will eventually find its way to BlackBerry smartphones.

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