QNX Blackberry Will run Android Applications

The highly respected but currently lacking maker of the legendary Blackberry, RIM is setting its future on its newly acquired QNX operating system. If you have had the chance to take a tour of the recently launch Playbook tablet from the company you are probably highly aware that its user interface is far superior to the current Blackberry OS that can be found on their mobile phones. When RIM acquired the highly talented QNX Company and teams its goal was to let them build an operating system for their tablet and its phones in the near future. That future is near and the Blackberry reign may not be quite finished yet.

When you speak to many Blackberry users today, you’ll get pretty much the same sets of pros and cons. Loving the full tactile QWERTY is an obvious pro for those who can get the hang of touch screen keyboards, add in a bit of BBM and that’s usually as far as it goes. But the cons are its absence of relevant, fun and productive apps. Now don’t get me wrong there are many apps for Blackberry users. Unfortunately however the selection and quality are far outpaced by the likes of Apple’s App store and Androids Market place and in this app driven market this surely matters. With the QNX bases operating system future blackberries and its users may have access to Androids market place. See with QNX running the show you can run Android based applications within a Blackberry or RIM device. The idea of QNX running Android applications is and has been pretty straight forward since the announcement of the acquisition. The only question left was will RIM let it happen, that question has been answered and the answer is yes. The Playbook is currently awaiting its Android application player and it simply cannot come soon enough.

This brings us to the next wave of smart phones from RIM. If you are a Blackberry fan you probably know that 3 new devices (in 7 variations) have recently launched from the company. While the initial reviews put amazing praise on their hardware its amazing lack of a fun, intuitive and snappy operating system is still bogging down its full potential. Enter QNX. Bloomberg has gotten word from three insiders familiar with the movement that RIM will indeed be pumping out QNX based Blackberries that can run Android applications. While this is excellent news, it surely seems like it was the plan all along. Of course RIM has not confirmed nor denied this, but it’s all too obvious. But the insider sources claim the Android App player will be the same as the app player that will soon be found within the Playbook, only difference here is their will be no update need to get it. The sources claim the QNX based smart phones will ship with the Android app player “to avoid criticisms that software upgrades were too slow to come”, but not because it would be a good business or marketing decision of course. The Playbook Android App player is slated to launch toward the end of this year, while QNX based Blackberries have been rumored to launch early next year. So there you have it QNX based Blackberries that can run Android apps out of the box. Is the future still bright for RIM?

Let us know what you think of this. Will you be more inclined to use a Blackberry if it has about six times more applications? Are you a Playbook user awaiting the Android app player? Sound off in the comments below, and then take a trip to our Blackberry accessories to keep your device safe.

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