A Purple and Brown Samsung Galaxy S4 On Their Way


Purple and Brown Samsung Galaxy S4’s set to make their way to Sprint and Verizon! The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently one of if not the best smart phone you can currently own. The device makes use of its predecessor’s build and slightly improves its polycarbonate build all the while enlisting a slew of new software features that can only be found embedded within the S4’s UI. The S4 with all its new found software tricks has been bundled and up for sale with many carriers since its June launch window. The device released across all major carriers here stateside and was offered up in only Frost White and Black Mist. New details however are reporting a Purple and Brown S4 are in the works!

Samsung flagships that add a bit of color are nothing new. Shortly after the Galaxy S III launched it was redone in purple, brown and in the color of love with the La Fleur editions launched in Russia. Now as you could easily expect, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is making its way to particular markets with color in tow. Recently since the dawn of the Samsung Galaxy S4, At&t has gotten their hands on both the S4 Active as well as an exclusive Galaxy S4 draped in red. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will soon be made available in familiar color ways. According to Evleaks the Samsung Galaxy S4 2will soon be made available to Sprint customers in a shiny new purple color. Images of the device and a launch window was unfortunately not mentioned, but if you’d like a good idea as to what it should look like check out the purple GS3 here. Falling right in line with color options from the S3, EVleaks goes on to state that Verizon will be receiving a brown Galaxy S4 seen in the pictures above. Additionally there are no details surrounding the when, but for both carriers it is safe to assume the price point will be the same for the white and black variations of the S4.

Anyone interested in a brown or purple Samsung Galaxy S4? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and remember that all the best in Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories are here.

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