Puma Phone anyone?

If you are a fan of the ever popular sneaker and clothing maker Puma you may want to read on as they have recently stepped foot into the mobile industry. The design looks to be stellar and an added kicker to the phone may make you wish all phones could have a talk time of “forever”. But don’t hold your breath as this Puma Phone has only released in places you only wish you have been.

The Puma and its partner Sagem have been trickling out information on its legendary phone design since February, making the phone official on February 16th with its official press release. The Puma Phone as it is being called is very unique to the phone industry, taking an idea most manufacturers seemingly joke about and making it a reality. The Puma Phone has a solar panel built into the back of the phone. The Puma Phone sports a 2.8 touch screen, a 3.2 mega pixel camera an LED flash and a 6X zoom. The Puma Phone also comes equipped with such standards as GPS, a compass and geotagging. Staying true to their roots Puma also included a pedometer, a stopwatch and a GPS tracker for those that lead an active lifestyle. Upon its February press release, information about its physical release to the public really only stated that Europe would see  this model in April 2010. The news on the Puma Phone saga puts release information in places that the majority of you do not live or have even visited. The information lists the Puma Phone in nine different countries, including European, African and Middle Eastern territories.  

The solar powered Puma Phone is surely a step in the right direction, where the solar panel will keep you phone charged and indicators on the phones OS will let you know how you are doing on a “juice”.

If you are looking to power your messages with the sun as Puma so lightly puts, you may have to wait a little longer as the Puma Phone is running at around $500 bucks in and seemingly running SIM only. No information on an American release.

How do you feel about this?

It takes a sneaker and clothing manufacturer to put solar charging capabilities on a phone, shouldn’t HTC, Apple or Motorola have done this already?

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