Pricing leaks on Motorola’s new Xoom Tablet and ThunderBolt smartphone

Motorola is heading into 2011 with some highly anticipated devices, mainly their new Xoom tablet and ThunderBolt smart phone. While both these new devices were announced a few weeks back at CES there were no prices and we all know no matter how cool you new toy is the price is usually the main selling point (at least to us barley above the poverty line). During the tradeshow Motorola was asked multiple times on price point for the Xoom and Thunderbolt and basically brushed it off by essentially saying they will know more when they get closer to coming to market. But reiterated that the price would indeed be “competitive” this basically meaning that the new Xoom would come in line with the competition, in this case the iPad. But will it?

AndroidCentral has their hands on some leaked pictures of what looks to be the inner workings of Verizon’s data base showing Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP) for the new Motorola toys. According to the pictures the new Xoom tablet will run 799.99 and the ThunderBolt will be priced at 249.99. These prices are assumed to be “unsubsidized”, meaning they will be somewhat cheaper when buying with a new contract to Big Red. Keep in mind the highest end iPad that can be had is shipping at around $830 bucks. It is unknown at this point even when these devices will be made available however with prices like these it might be a bit harder to sell. Or just wait until August as the price may change then!

Only time will tell what the official price tag on these new Motorola units will be whenever they are made available. For some reason the price tag on the Thunderbolt seems reasonable to me. But the Xoom on the other hand will indeed be a hard pitch at that price considering the where the bar has been set by the lowest end iPad.

Tell us what you think; were your hopes and dreams of showing off you Xoom to your iPad toting friends completely shattered? Or is their still hope?

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