Pricing and Availability for the new Blackberry Z10

So Blackberry has official made a new stake in a market place they were slowly losing. The company that practically invented the smart phone has recently, reinvented itself to catch up with the curve. While only time will tell if end users will migrate back the originator, the new Z10 and Q10 handsets are truly head turners that offer up a unique experience via its hardware as well as QNX based BB10 software. While contemplating which one of the two new handsets you want, you may have completely over looked availability. Luckily, Blackberry’s Blog has it all broken down for us.

The new Blackberry Z10 will first be made available in the UK starting tomorrow! Lucky blokes! The handset will be made available on “pay monthly and pre pay plans” from most of the major carriers and retailers. Carphone Warehouse, 3UK, Vodafone, Phones 4U, EE and O2 will carry the handset “on competitive monthly pay contracts”.  Of course pricing will vary from each carrier and retailer.

Canada, the land that birthed the Blackberry will see the Z10 become available in February, the 5th to be exact. The handset will of course vary by carrier; however the handset is expected to sell for about $150 bucks on a new 3 year commitment.

Just a short five days later, February 10th the Blackberry Z10 will be spotted in the UAE selling for about AED 2,599 unsubsidized. Of course pricing will indeed vary per carrier and would most likely be considerably cheaper under a contract.

And, last but…last! The United States will see the likes of the Blackberry Z10 in about a month! Give or take a few days the Z10 is expected to launch stateside in March. Currently At&t, Verizon and Sprint are all on the confirmed list, while Verizon has additionally confirmed a $199.99 price point. It’s safe to assume that price will stay true across the big three.

The Q10 in case you were wondering is expected to reach the shelves of global carriers in April but pricing and availability is still up the sleeve of Blackberry brass.

So now you know when, where and roughly how much a dose of the new Blackberry 10 Experience will run you, are you still in? Let us know below in the comments if you plan on picking up either one, or both of these awesome new handsets. Also, the very best in Blackberry Z10 and Q10 accessories are here.

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