Poynt Updated to v1.6 for BlackBerry: New Stuff


Poynt—the location based search app—has been updated to v1.6 for the BlackBerry and it has some nifty new features and improvements over previous versions. In case you are unfamiliar with Poynt, it is a free app that keeps the internet in a more manageable form. Namely, it keeps stuff that is not near you out of the results. Read on for what the new version has..

One of the nicest features that the new version of Poynt packs is that you can route directions through Google Maps instead of BlackBerry maps. Google keeps updating its Maps app so it is good to see that it is now an option. I don’t really think BlackBerry can keep up with Google in the geography department so future versions of Poynt will be ready for whatever Google throws at it.

Another feature you will love is Rotten Tomatoes integration when searching for movies. Poynt lets you find what movie to watch, its ratings, location and ticket prices all from its slick interface. It even sends you a BBM for your receipt when purchasing tickets online.

Besides the new features (and there are too many to list here so I just glossed over a couple of the more prominent ones), the new version of Poynt sports plenty of bug fixes, improved support for BlackBerry OS 6 (like universal search), and a more polished user interface. Close integration with your contacts and the rest of the BlackBerry tools are also a nice thing about Poynt.

It also literally lets you find the local price of gas and where the station is from your GPS location or cell tower data. Poynt has also won quite a number of awards. Being free and all, I cannot help but recommend you download it at the BlackBerry App World and try it out. Even weather information for your current location is here.

Let me know how you like the new version of Poynt and if there are features you wish it had.

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