More Info on a Possible Verizon iPhone

Well InformationWeek is reporting that James Radcliff, an analyst at Barclay Capital, has been reported as saying, “Channel checks by our communications equipment and semiconductor research partners give us greater confidence that Verizon will get an iPhone in early 2011, and we are now incorporating that belief into our models for AT&T and Verizon.” Good news for anyone who uses Verizon as a carrier or just plain hates AT&T and its network. Radcliff continued with, “We don’t believe that the addition of a Verizon iPhone will be a seismic event in the wireless competitive environment, although we do expect it to result in a modest spike in AT&T churn, as customers who love their iPhones but have become unhappy with AT&T’s network take advantage of the alternative.” Fair enough.

We reported earlier that Pegatron—a Taiwan based computer manufacturer and a division of Asus—had already claimed to have received an order for CDMA (the network technology utilized by Verizon Wireless) iPhones. However, that report could have been skewed by the fact that Pegatron was going public at the time and wanted to create awareness for its IPO. This new news from Radcliff though, does seem to add credibility to the earlier report.

With a possible Verizon version of the iPhone (and rumors have been circulating about a second version of the iPhone 4 being developed by Apple) quite a few more people will be willing to make the switch from their current phone. A Verizon iPhone would also be good a good move for Apple, which has had problems with AT&T and its network. Remember back when the iPhone could not send or receive picture messages? That was the whole reason I first unlocked and jail-broke mine. The whole problem was AT&T’s, not Apple’s. Also, with another carrier having the iPhone, Apple could have some more leverage with AT&T to more quickly implement features that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs promises but AT&T just doesn’t seem to want to deal with because of huge bandwidth usage requirements.

So, if all of the speculation and rumors are true, and we really do get Verizon Wireless as another iPhone carrier, would you switch from AT&T? Or would you be willing to switch from your current Verizon phone to an iPhone? Let me know. It is about time we got more carrier options for the iPhone.

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