PlayStation App for iPhone Coming Soon—No It Doesn’t Play Games

Unfortunately Sony is releasing an app for iOS and Android before its PlayStation Phone.

Sony’s PlayStation brand has been in the smart phone news for a while now thanks mostly to its blatant bashing on Apple’s iPhone and strong rumors of a PlayStation phone in the works by Sony Ericsson. Now the company says that it is developing an app for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. No, the app doesn’t let you play games (bummer, I know) but it does let you check your PlayStation Network trophies, statuses, etc. What the heck is Sony up to here? Isn’t iOS its biggest competitor for mobile gaming besides Nintendo’s GameBoy, DS and coming 3DS series?

What Sony’s coming PlayStation app lets you do:

  • Check Sony’s PSN for trophies, friend’s games and online statuses
  • Peruse games, hardware and more for the PS3, PS2 and PSP
  • Read and (eventually) post on the PlayStation Blog
  • Share stuff you discover in the app with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email

While the first version of the app will only be available in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, Sony says that the next version is already in development and will support most SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) countries and languages. No word yet on when this will find its way across the Pond to the United States but I’d assume pretty soon.

Of course, the app will be free when it is released (very soon) and Sony has plans on increasing its abilities gradually. I’m not surprised at all that an Android version is coming but an iOS version? That’s unexpected. The iPhone/iPod touch/iPad gaming market is quickly growing and edging out Sony’s PSP. Infinity Blade anyone? Smart phones are now packing hardware that puts current portable consoles to shame. Maybe Sony just realizes that a lot of its PlayStation faithful have some type of iOS device and want to be able to keep up to date on the go.

While we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed until Sony Ericsson finally releases the PlayStation Phone (Zeus Z1), rest assured that Sony does indeed realize that mobile devices are the future and that’s how people are getting their news on the go. Especially those young enough to own a PlayStation.

Want Sony to break down and just let us all play PSX games on our iPhones through an app? Me too. Hopefully if this app is successful, Sony will realize that the more PlayStation gaming options there are, the more money it can make.

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