A Platinum and Blue Motorola Droid RAZR M Appears in the Wild

If you’re anything like us the lack of color in our mobile phones is a downer. Smartphones are our extension to the world around us. A utility that serves a purpose that has overcome our society with information. A pocket portal for the information age! But our experience with our smart phones doesn’t have to be so bland does it? In the past few years designs have wowed us and abilities have us ahead of the curve, but our selection of vibrant colors is null and void. HTC recently attempted to change things with their 8X line and Nokia as well with a few of their handsets. Since then, all we can do is wait and hope the colors catch on. Luckily, it looks as if Motorola is getting in on the game as well.

Motorola has produced some smart phones in the past that go outside of the box and offer up more than just black or white smart phones. Unfortunately for the most part these phones were exclusive handsets for Verizon employees or limited edition handset. While this new Platinum and Blue Droid RAZR M may also be limited, it puts a smile on my face to know it’s for sale at Best Buy. Just yesterday the retailer put the handset up for sale via their website. It will only cost you about $50 bucks with a new contract, or around $600 inactivated. Internally the smart phone goes untouched. Externally however it looks like a new phone entirely. The body is colored in a grey shade that is branded as platinum but also has slight blue accents on its button sets. Unfortunately the listing at the big box retailer does not show the rear of the phone so it can only be assumed the handset still carries that awesome Kevlar backing found on the original versions. A common downside to this coloring is the black bezel! Now I know I’m knit picking here, but hell I’ll say it, if Apple can produce a white bezel, can’t Android manufacturers? Even white variations of common Android smart phones only colorize the back housings…slackers. This new Droid M is the same internally as previous models, so no change internally, but it is considered a special edition so get your hands on it sooner than later.

Anyone interested in more color options? Sound off below and let us know and remember the best in Motorola Droid accessories are here.

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