Pink BlackBerry 9100

Disclaimer: Guys who have issues with the color pink, for whatever reason, should move on to the next post.

Several companies worldwide are reaching out for a more worthy cause. April is Cancer Month however this has not stopped corporations from continuing their support for groups involved with breast cancer research and public education about the disease.

A number of companies are offering Blackberry smartphones and accessories in various shades of pink. Starting May 6th until the end of October, Canadian carrier Telus is offering consumers two Blackberry models in an entirely different color from the usual. Both the Blackberry Curve 8530 and Blackberry Pearl 9100 will be offered in a dark pink hue, much similar to fuchsia. The Curve 8530 is currently offered at $49.99 while the Pearl 9100, although not yet released, will be offered for $29.99. Both prices will be under the three year service plan under Telus. For each pink unit sold, $25 will be donated to several organizations including the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the Segal Cancer Center among others.

The case company Otterbox is offering pink Commuter Series Strength Cases for Curve 8500 line of Blackberry smartphones, including the previously mentioned Curve 8530 as well as the 8520. Otterbox has committed to donating at least US$50,000 to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. Retailing at $34.95 for each case, the company is expected to sell at least 1400 to reach that mark.

Consumers looking to find a more subtle way of supporting the cause can download the theme GiveFive for Pink. Developed by the group Appalachian Apps, the app itself costs US$5.99. The group pledges to donate $5 for each theme sold to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Organization. A computation of the total donations made through purchasing the theme can be found on their website

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