A picture of the LG G3 Surfaces

LG-G3-leakA new picture of the forthcoming LG G3 surfaces into the headlines! The LG G3 is the next generation G series handset that is set to blow your socks off! The device while it is gaining a lot of attention within the halls of the rumor mill has yet to be seen, until today! The G3 started to find its way into the headlines recently and it didn’t take long to get an unofficial launch date and a host of specs’. But if all of its previous rumors did not convince you, maybe this picture of the actual device will!

The LG G3 is expected at this point to be announced in June and released shortly thereafter in July. The fact that those dates are only around the corner it seems fitting in true LG form that we see the device now! Over the weekend GSM Arena got their hands on a picture of the device. The picture unfortunately only shows of a small section of the rear of the device but do however confirm a few things. The rear mounted button set is staying in the third generation as is the power button. The button set is mounted with the camera and looks to a more refined design making for a more sleek power button and volume rockers. The camera is flanked by a dual LED and a small opening that could be a sensor of some sort or possibly even a speaker. The random scribble to the left of the device in the picture seems to make mention of OIS (optical image stabilization) which will likely find its way into the 16 mega pixel camera as similar features were found on previous models. The scribbled writing also makes mention of two different amounts of RAM. The writing is expected to represent two different variations of the G3; one will ship with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage while the other will pack in 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. The buck on the G3 unfortunately stops right there for now, however previous rumors layout what is expected from the device.

Anyone interested in the forth coming G3? When, where and how much is still in the air, but the G3 is coming, are you ready? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think and remember all the very best in LG accessories are here.