People Love iOS devices More than Anything Else

Apple’s iOS users absolutely love their Apple products. Don’t believe me? Consider some new numbers from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. According to the poll, iPad users have an amazingly high satisfaction of 82%. For comparison, this is the highest satisfaction of any manufacturer in history.

The fact that Apple is scoring so high matches well with its numbers. Overall, iOS users love their devices. Android OS users love their devices a little less. BlackBerry users love their devices only a little more than Nokia owners. But with Android’s success across multiple carriers, it is poised to take the top.

What is interesting is that the ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) does not include the iPod touch in its survey. If the ACSI included the iPod touch—which it finds hard to classify as its own device—the number of iOS satisfaction would most likely be much higher. Why? The iPod touch is an iOS device. People love iOS, thus high numbers regardless of whether or not it has the same camera resolution as the iPhone 4.

When the ACSI starts including the iPod touch 4 in its numbers, expect the numbers to jump even higher. With the poll results out from Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint customers, it is clear that what everyone wants is an iPhone. Android OS has made space for itself, but the really desired handset is iOS powered.

Regardless of whether or not the iPhone comes to Verizon Wireless this January 2011, iOS has a strong place in Americans’ hearts. Let me know in the comments if you want one. Will Verizon getting the iPhone in the next few months make you switch carriers?

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