PayPal Option Coming to Google’s Android Market

PayPal accidentally leaked that Google’s Android Market will be offering PayPal as a payment option in the very near future. The leaked information came through an accidental post on PayPal’s blog that stated “Today Google announced that you can use PayPal to buy apps on their Android Market.” The post was quickly deleted and Google has not made the announcement yet that Naveed Anwar—senior director of PayPal’s developer network—referenced in it.

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PayPal’s move to support Android Market will only help boost the store’s popularity which has now ballooned to approximately 100,000 apps. Apple’s iTunes App Store is around the 300,000 mark and BlackBerry’s App World is stuck at the 10,000 mark. Unsurprisingly, PayPal is now a payment option for all three of these apps stores. The company has been quickly expanding in the mobile market and its iOS PayPal app even lets users cash checks directly to their PayPal account using the iPhone’s camera.

The coming but not ‘officially’ announced news of PayPal and Android Market’s partnership is backed up by changes to the PayPal site which allow Android developers to set PayPal as a payment option in the store. Google’s next step after getting PayPal running as a payment option? Opening up Android Market to more countries and getting some type of web interface for the store running like BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has just done with BlackBerry App World.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Zune Market has already passed 1,000 apps ahead of launch, and is expected to quickly catch up to BlackBerry App World and even possibly Android Market in a couple of years. It has its own application to run its online store and Apple has iTunes. Customers love the online store experience over app based offerings and Google wants to plug that hole in its strategy.

Do you use PayPal as a regular payment option for online purchases? Excited that you will soon have it as an option for app purchases in Android Market? It about time you got the feature? More likely to purchase apps now for your Android smartphone? Let me know. This is certainly exciting but long expected news from Google and PayPal. Now we just have to wait for the feature to get fully implemented. How long until Android Market passes the 200,000 app mark now?

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