PayPal updates its Android App

We all know that in the world of app’s it’s all about keeping up with the Job’es. Ok joking aside, it is a pretty universal standard at this point that there are far more apps available for the iPhone then there are available for Androids. The Android App market place is growing rapidly and becoming thicker as the days pass, however most apps to hit the Android market place have already made their presence known and become optimized for iOS and with PayPal’s app this is no different.

PayPal has recently launched the second version of their Android Mobile app, to the market place and it can bump. The idea of simply bumping contact info or pictures has now been revamped with Pay Pals new app. The application will allow users to transfer money via Pay Pal accounts by simply inputting the total to transfer and literally Bumping the two Androids (both Androids would need this app installed). Other really cool features with the new Pay Pal app, is the “split the check” function. Essentially letting a group of users calculate who owes what and let the now poor soul that picked up the tab, collect these totals right on the spot via your Pay Pal account.

A spokes person for Pay Pal, Laura Chambers has stated that Pay Pal has seen an enormous amount of growth in their mobile sector. Going on to state “we’ve seen usage soar” she then goes on to say, “Over the last six months alone, PayPal generated nearly twice the mobile payment volume it did in all of 2009, and we expect to close out the year with over a half a billion dollars of mobile payment volume”.

Good numbers and fun update. But the question is will you use it? Do you use Pay Pal? Would you pay off the dumb bet you made digitally or would you like to pay your friend in pennies?

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