The Pantech Vega Iron Gets Official with Smallest Bezel Yet


The Pantech Vega Iron becomes official, bezel in tow.  Dreams of bezel less devices swirl in the minds of smart phone and gadget enthusiasts alike. If you ever check out the fan made renderings of upcoming flagships from different manufacturers, you’ll most always catch a imagined device with absolutely no bezel at all. The Pantech Vega Iron while was never really expected to deliver such awesomeness, it was a dream worth hoping for. Earlier this week rumors, an announcement teaser and leaked renderings of the handset papered in the wild. Yesterday, just as the teaser stated, the Pantech Vega Iron went live.

The Pantech Vega Iron was announced yesterday too much anticipation. The rumors surrounding the Vega Iron were to give the handset a 5 inch 1080 touch screen with a bezel less edge to edge design. Unfortunately, those two rumors did not pan out. The Vega Iron while it does indeed ship with a 5 inch touch screen, it only offers up a 720p resolution and while very small, potentially the smallest ever, the bezel on the Vega Iron measures in at a mere 2.4 millimeters a side. According to the press release the screen design uses 75.5 percent of the phones front panel and has more functional screen space than any other device available. All the remaining details that were initially rumored seem to hold true. The device will run with Android version 4.1.2 and gives its users access via a 720p 5 inch touch screen that is built around a 8.8 mm thin body. Internally the Vega Iron will pack in a Snapdragon 600 processor that uses a 1.7 GHz quad core processor. It is said to weigh a mere 154 grams and houses a 13 mega pixel camera around back. Additional connectivity comes in the form of GPS, 1 gigabit Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE. The Vega Iron is set up for sale across Korea and unfortunately makes no mention of release outside of that market.

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