The Pantech Star Q Slated to Add More Mid Range Keyboards To Big Red’s Line Up


Every year there seems to be a stretch of releases that only produce slate style smart phones. These smart phones are usually awesome. High powered machines with a thin piece of glass between its end users and the world. But as these stretches, stretch, there is a group of end users up in arms wondering where there QWERTY keyboard options are! Last week showed us one of very few Android keyboard phones in the up and coming Sprint bound Motorola Photon Q. Before that the Kyocera Rise showed face with a good old fashioned QWERTY keyboard. And today, the Pantech Star Q is looking to help out the thumbs of messengers across the states. The Pantech Star Q and Kyocera Rise however have a bit more in common with each other as they are indeed mid range devices when compared to the likes of the Photon Q.

The Pantech Star Q is the latest side sliding QWERTY keyboard device to hit the leaky rumor mill and it’s here to please. Late last week got their hands on some leaky pictures, specs and all around details of the latest in Verizon offerings, the Pantech Star Q. Q for QWERTY. Labeled as the descendant of the Pantech Breakout, the Star Q will fill in any void left for the entry level/mid range devices. According to the source the Pantech Star Q will carry a expected price tag of around $99 bucks on new contract with Big Red. So what can we expect from the Star Q other than its awesome five row QWERTY keyboard? Internally Android version 4.0.4 will get its go from a more than capable dual core Snapdragon S4 chip set that clocks in at 1.5 GHz. Its screen is said to measure in at 4 inches and carry a WVGA quality build. Around back a flash less 3 mega pixel camera can be used for snapping pictures as well as recording video. A front facing shooter of undisclosed specs is also said to be present on the handset. Additionally we can expect that awesome 5 row QWERTY keyboard as well as the likes of Bluetooth version 4.0. The only other details of the Pantech Star Q is, that the device will come bearing the super fast data speeds that only Verizon’s 4G LTE network can provide. While Verizon’s current entrly level sliders are getting dated by the day, it’s a good chance the Star Q will reach shelves in short order, however, its official launch and price is still undetermined.

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